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Heart diseases are a major reason for deaths worldwide ,but you don’t just accept it as heart disease was destined to happen to you . You may not be able to control some of the risk factors like family predesposition ,or age, there are definitely a lot of factors you can control by adopting a healthy lifestyle .
Make sure you keep in mind these key points to prevent heart diseases & stay healthy at heart always :

1.Stay away from smoking and tobacco :
Smoking and tobacco usage is the most common risk factor causing heart diseases .
Tobacco can lead to deposition of plaque in your heart blood vessels ,narrowing them and causing decreased blood flow to the heart ,which may lead to heart atack.

Narrowing of arteries due to plaque deposition is called Atherosclerosis.

There is Carbon monoxide in the smoke of cigratte which replaces oxygen in the blood .Due to this ,our heart has to work harder to pump oxygen to all the areas of the body ,this increases heart rate as well as blood pressure .
The more you smoke,the risk of developing heart disease is higher.
Good news is that you will start getting healthier and risks of getting heart disease decreases as soon as you quit the smoking.

2. Exercise for atleast 30 minutes on most days in a week

Maintaning a healthy weight and exercise on a regular daily basis can reduce the risk of life threatening heart diseases.

3. Eat a diet which is healthy for heart

Eat a diet rich in fruits,vegetables (5-10 servings in a day ) and whole grains .Beans ,low fat proteins sources ,fishes like salmon and mackerel may reduce risk of heart attack and can help protect your heart.

Saturated fat rich foods like red meat,dairy products,palm and coconut oils should be avoided .
Trans -fats like in deep fried fast foods ,packed snacks,and bakery products should also be avoided .
If Partially hydrogenated term is written over the pack ,it means trans fat is there in it.
Including healthy fats like in nuts,olive oil and avocado in your diet help lower the bad cholesterol.
If you drink alcohol,make sure you drink in moderate amounts only for your heart’s health.
Moderate amount means -For healthy adults,only upto one drink a day for females of all ages and males more than age 65, and up to two drinks a day for men age 65 and younger. If it is more than that,it can be harmful to your health.

4.Get good quality sleep
Lack of adequate sleep can do more harm to you than you think .There are increased chances of depression,high BP & cholestrol,obesity and heart troubles
You should sleep 7 to 9 hours a day ,with same sleeping schedule and waking up time

5. Regular health screenings are important
Get your regular health screenings for keping a check to rule out diabetes ,cholesterol and blood pressure which can help you take the necessary action at an appropriate time to avoid heart problems later.
Complete heart check ups include CBC,TMT,FBS,Lipid profile,ECG,Echocardiography can help to rule out heart diseases.

How is Cardiac disease treated ? What is the best cardiac treatment?
Treatment is same for both men and women
The doctor for heart disease will treat you depending upon the condition,lifestyle changes ,medicines or surgical procedures may be needed to get rid of symptoms ,reduce blood clots or build up of plaque,dialte or widen or bypass narrowed arteries of the heart.

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