Tips for a perfect healthy smile !

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We all desire to flaunt that perfect dazzling smile and wonder how to get one .A good and healthy smile plays an important role in boosting our self esteem and radiate the confidence which helps in achieving success & happiness in life.Healthy teeth also keeps the pain ,gum problems and other tooth related troubles at bay.

So it ‘s always better to take care rather than visiting the dentists later in pain.

Keep in mind these useful tips from our experts to get the most desired smile sparkling with everlasting health for life :

  • Brushing twice a day & rinsing after meals: always use a fluoridated toothpaste for brushing your teeth .Fluorides are essential for dental health & repair.

  • Use of Dental floss : It reaches where your toothbrush is not able to reach .It removes the particles stuck in between your teeth and under the gum line.

  • Visit your dentist every 3-6 months : to get a preventive check up done.

A dentist can detect and restore your dental cavities well on time to avoid pain later on.

Only a dentist can clean the harmful bacteria effectively even after brushing and flossing by removing the yellowish layer deposited on your teeth with time plaque ,which gets mineralized over the time to become hard & can lead to various dental diseases later on.

So get the plaque cleaned after a few months with the help of your dental expert.Plaque harbours harmful bacteria and other micro organisms !!

  • Eat a healthy balanced diet : Fruits and vegetables provide essential nutrients and water ,thereby increasing your body’s immunity,resistance to decay and promote oral health.

  • Say complete no to tobacco ,smoking and alcohol : These addictive substances not only stain your teeth to make them look completely unhealthy and ugly but are extremely deleterious for your overall health like causing various cancers !

  • Refrain from eating between the meals ,and sugary sticky substances : More is the time food stays on your teeth,more time bacteria gets to produce acids by acting on it and cause tooth decay.Immediately rinse .Never allow food to stay on your teeth

  • Never forget to clean your tongue : A lot of bacteria stay on the tongue and are the most common cause of bad breath.We don’t pay much attention to cleaning of our tongue ,which should not be done for a healthy mouth.

  • Avoid excessive intake of tea, coffee or aerated drinks: these substances can stain your teeth .

  • For whitening your teeth : whitening strips or dental bleach options are available for teeth whitening,which you can do effectively at home yourself too with the help of your dentist’s guidance .Meet him for the expert advise to know which whitening option would be best for you

  • Don’t ignore or neglect tooth cavities ,cracked or missing teeth to spare your self from dental pain and complex treatments like RCTs ,tooth extractions and surgeries later on.

Just a little bit of care for your teeth can bring you that picture perfect smile you ever do follow these tips and shine on with a healthy radiating smile forever!!

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