Saving a Trauma patient’s precious life: What’s important

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Trauma is any injury to your body in a general sense .But medically ,trauma refers to most severe ,life or limb threatening injuries .

Polytrauma management is a part of advanced trauma management .Polytrauma is multiple trauma ,which is the medical term used when a person suffers from multiple traumatic injuries .

Polytrauma is a major cause of death as well as morbidity.Road accidents,falling from heights ,injuries may lead to polytrauma which is the biggest challenge for the healthcare facilities to provide optimum care & emergency facilities and to save the patients.

Maximum deaths occur during the first hour following the trauma which is known as “Golden hour of trauma” .Providing adequate care & facilities in this first hour is extremely important.This time is very critical factor and important for saving the person’s life.

Such patients should be rushed immediately to emergency departments of the hospitals where the team should be equipped and skilled enough to work on the goal of stabilizing the patient first and then transferring to specialized units once stable.All the emergency life saving medical and surgical services should be right there to ensure polytrauma management.

Trauma patients need highly specialized care like blood transfusions and surgeries .Advanced technologies like 16 slice CT scanner and MRI help the trauma centre to quickly diagnose the extent of injuries and take necessary interventions well in time.

The number of traffic collisions in India is amongst the highest in the world and a huge number of people die due to non availability of adequate emergency and critical care which could have saved their lives .

Going to a low level trauma centre can be a life threatening situation in case of accidents or injuries leading to trauma.

You should rush to only a specialized trauma centre because even you might not be aware of the extent of injury .Your loved ones ‘s life may be at stake,so never compromise on the quality of hospital you are rushing to.In life threatening conditions,a trauma centre is the best place you may be possibly be .

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