Avoid burns ….Be cautious and safe this Diwali!!

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So here comes that time of the year when we are all excited and geared up for celebrating one of our most auspicious and loved festival  ..Diwali!!

Diwali is perhaps the most celebrated festival of India for which many households start preparing even months and weeks prior to the festival. Union of families after long, Pujas, bursting of crackers are among few most cherished activities of this festival.

But a significant number of injuries and accidents keep on dampening the spirit of the festival every year .We all prepare for the festival in every other way but forget to be prepared for our own safety during Diwali .

What is more important here is to be fire safe by taking the necessary precautions and responding in an appropriate way immediately so that the biggest festival of the year can be enjoyed in its full spirit !!

Keep in mind these safety precautions to ensure protection of your loved ones this Diwali:

Precautions /Safety measures before Diwali:

  • Children should be allowed to handle crackers only under close adult supervision .Fire crackers are a major attraction for most children, but they have to be guided well enough how to burn and handle the fireworks carefully.

Children should ideally be educated about Going green and say no to burn crackers on Diwali by telling about harmful effects of burning crackers like noise and air pollution. If still they want to burn crackers, they should not be do it carelessly or by throwing pranks with fireworks.

  • Wearing loose or synthetic clothes is an invitation to the accident and disaster itself, so that should be completely avoided. Always stick to cotton clothes which have lesser tendency to attract fire.
  • Wear closed shoes while lighting fireworks.
  • A first-aid kit should always be ready
  • Store enough water and few buckets of sand ready at home which can be used in case any unfortunate fire incident happens.
  • Do not wear contact lenses which may get heated and cause eye irritation.
  • Burn the crackers only in an open ground where there is no obstruction or wiring or any inflammable material around. Never burn crackers indoor.
  • Maintain a safe distance while bursting crackers and never fire any cracker in the hand.
  • Do not carry any firework in your pocket while burning other crackers.
  • Always use only those crackers which are manufactured by an authorized or licensed agency.



What to do if burns /injuries happen:

  • For minor burns, run cold water over the area till the time burning sensation stops. First degree burns cause redness which can be soothed by any clear ointment or antiseptic/antibiotic
  • Second degree burns may lead to blisters .Medical assistance is required if this happens
  • Third degree burns are the most severe ones and can lead to completely charred white colored skin. Immediate Medical assistance is a must.
  • For eye burns, splash with lots of cold water. If eye burning or irritation is still there, you should rush to a nearby hospital immediately.
  • If there are severe burns, you should wrap the affected person with a clean sheet after removing the burned bits of clothing and rush him/her to nearby hospital. This can prevent infection.
  • Do not put any pressure or friction on the affected area
  • Cover the area with sterile bandage and rush to the doctor for immediate consultation and treatment.
  • In event of fire ,put water with buckets to extinguish the flames


Experts and doctors feel that a little awareness and cautiousness can go a long way in preventing burn injuries and accidents and even major disasters every year on Diwali. So do take these preventive measures and ensure a safe Diwali for your family this year.


Stay protected and have a fun – filled Happy and prosperous Diwali!!

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