Stay safe while driving this Diwali !

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Diwali is just here to arrive…..!!



Diwali is the time when our country’s roads are full of vehicles and people are on their way rushing to distribute the Diwali gifts for their friends and families or doing their bit of last minute shopping and preparations for one of the most celebrated festival of the year.


And sadly ,rash driving,lack of patience to frequent traffic jams and congestion on roads  and our own irresponsible uncivic attitude are on the peak in this festive time .The traffic rules take a back seat too..


This all results in road rage and a large number of road accidents which are constantly rising every year to spoil the sparkle of this most cherished festival of our country.


A little cautiousness and a responsible behaviour while being on roads can save a large number of lives ,injuries and accidents !!


Do Keep these safety tips on mind to  help you and your loved ones stay protected on roads this Diwali:


  • Say no to driving while intoxicated with alcohol : .Never mix driving and drinking.Heavy drinking is frequent on social gatherings and celebrations during the festive season.Alcohol indulgence is the most common cause of road accidents on Diwali.Just be responsible enough and never drive while you are drunk.You can simply ask somebody else to drive or get a driver instead if you are planning to indulge in alcohol .This is for your own safety !
  • Be patient on roads : Don’t drive rashly just because you are getting late or have too much things to do in short time.It will only make things worse.
  • Don’t ignore the traffic rules : Traffic rules are for our own safety and not just to avoid fine or challan by traffic police .Traffic lights ,wearing helmets,road & safety instructions should always be followed .Seat belts are a must ! We all know what to do ,but never pay attention till the time something unfortunate happens.
  • Females on two wheelers should stop ignoring the importance of wearing helmets .Helmets can actually save a million lives. Head injuries can result in instant deaths!

So ,you all must always wear helmets all the time to ensure your safety…and that’s even when the police is not around!! We all should realise the importance of a small helmet’s role in saving our own lives.

  • You should plan the shopping and gift distribution in advance : to avoid the last minute hassle and chaos on roads.
  • Opt for other options like sending online gifts or through couriers to your friends and relatives which will be delivered right at their own house,without you having to go there physically. Which may save a lot of time and effort .We are privileged enough to live in an advanced technological age to have such options.Utilise that to the fullest for your time management,comfort ,ease and safety s!
  • Make sure you have emergency numbers on your speed dials
  • Behave in a civic manner on roads : don’t be aggresive in driving or while talking with others on road.
  • Don’t burst crackers on the road.
  • Be responsible enough to take the injured person to the nearest hospital immediately in case any unfortunate incident takes place.Your small help can save somebody else’s loved one’s life !!


Make sure you have a safe,injury free Diwali this year with these preventive measures!!


             Have a joyful and splendid celebration with your loved ones !!

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