Winters are coming… Stay healthy & protected with these super foods!

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Although winters come with no surprise, most of us are not prepared well enough to fight the common health problems it brings along like common colds, cough and fever. If you or someone in your family is also one of those battling with such problems every time winter knocks at our doors, here are some magical super foods you must have to boost your immunity:

  • Foods rich in Vitamin C like Red capsicum, oranges, kiwifruit:

Vitamin C is extremely essential for improving immune functioning of your body.


  • Foods rich in antioxidants e.g. green tea, mushrooms ,carrots ,broccoli, mushrooms ,berries

Antioxidants are powerful immunity enhancers which act by protecting the body’s cells against infection and damage. Fresh fruits and vegetables are a rich source of these miraculous antioxidants we all need for fighting the harsh conditions.


All the bright colored fruits and vegetables like beet roots, carrots, are richly filled with anti oxidants, which increase the metabolic rate and boost health by providing whole lot of nutrients.


  • Foods rich in zinc e.g. lean beef: Zinc is an extremely rich source of zinc which is important for normal development and function of our body’s WBC i.e. White blood cells which are the protectors of our body and guard us against all infections ,bacteria and viruses etc


  • Water: Staying hydrated is the most important need of our body, which most of us tend to ignore once winter arrives .Dehydration makes our digestion, cold and cough worse. Water is important for lymph in body .Lymph too is a part of protective mechanism of the body


Have a balanced diet rich in vitamins like Vitamin A, C, D, minerals and omega3s


  • Use of herbs and spices in cooking food: like ginger, pepper, onions, turmeric and spices to boost your immunity. So include herbs and spices in your diet for strong immunity.


   So, stay protected, relax and enjoy life… Happy & Safe winters…!!

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